Wheelie Bin Press

Available for the standard 1100 litre wheelie bin.

Single Phase 240 Volts 13 Amps.

Customer must install a 3 Pin Socket near to the position of the machine.

Large loading enclosure with interlock gate.

Reliable modern electronics with push buttons.

Low maintenance and long life electro-hydraulics.

All safety requirements in accordance with CE directives.

Simple to use just wheel the bin into the cage area and close the gate, then using the “simple to use” control panel to operate, the press plate comes down inside the wheelie bin to squish the waste down, allowing for more waste to be put into the wheelie bin, this is very good for companies or sole-traders (for example) who pay for these bins to be emptied regular, less collections saves money. The yellow guide rails ensure the wheelie bin is correctly placed inside the cage so that the press plate goes inside the bin so there is no risk of the press plate coming down onto the sides/edge of the wheelie bin and causing damage.

  • Fully compliant with all current Health and Safety Regulations.
  • No finger hand traps.
  • Machine stops immediately if interlocked gate is opened during operation and if emergency stop is pressed.

Technical Data

Pressing power 3 Tonne
Cycle time 102 Seconds
Overall dimensions W x D x H 1800mm x 1450mm x 2850mm
Approximate machine weight 480kg

We also do this product with a manual press.